Cheap heating and hot water - TKT PERUN®

Heating system TKT PERUN® is a new revolutionary innovation for heating and production of DHW.

System TKT Perun® is formed in conjunction with an electric motor, control unit and the circuits involved in the heating system. The basis is a thermal cavitation turbine, producing thermal energy using the circulation of fluid utilising the physical phenomenon of cavitation.

Liquid (water) in the space of TKT settles in the cavities on the surface of the turbine rotor. As a result of motor revolutions and the created environment cavitation cavities are formed, which explode and simultaneously produce thermal energy, ca 90 ° C or more.

TKT Perun® has prescribed dimensions of the stator and rotor. The rotor is specially designed and customized in order to achieve the required thermal output. Ordinary water is the entire heating medium, which is automatically fed into the closed primary circuit of a TKT turbine. To maintain optimum conditions the water is automatically replenished in small amounts into the primary circuit of TKT. In the heat exchanger (e.g. boiler) the produced thermal energy is passed on the heat exchanger medium.